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Dollars are rolling

As you may already know, audio ads have begun playing. I am pleased to announce that many PPP affiliates are beginning to report earnings in their accounts.

Today, NetAudioAds has been testing the commission reporting system to make sure everything is running smoothly. One bug was caught where level 2 & 3 ad plays were showing a 25% commission when only 5% should be displayed.

100,000 audio ads were “randomly” distributed through our network (you). Tomorrow NetAudioAds will be running another 100,000 batch of ads to re-test the commission and accounting system and to ensure that everything is crediting as it should.

Those of you that see ad plays in your account may notice that ad plays are nowhere close to the number of hits you and your downline has received. This is because only 100,000 ads were played. Our network is quite large now so the distribution of only 100,000 ads over a network of millions of websites is a far cry from full capacity so the numbers won’t be close until full ramp up.

NetAudioAds has the ability to geo target audio ads down to a zip code level. Our advertising partners are beginning to earn some handsome commissions.

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